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Jesse De Leon - Modern Artist 

Jesse de Leon was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His interest in art began as soon as he could pick up a pencil.

During grade school his love for art blossomed into a passion. He was trusted and encouraged by his academic teachers to share his talent with his school. On many occasions Jesse was asked to create banners for school graduations and banquets. While working at a design firm, his interest in creating murals and faux finishes was born. He has since painted murals, canvases, and faux finishes for designers, businesses, and individuals across the country. His work varies from impressionism to the abstract, and he finds that the composition and use of materials have a strong influence on his creative process.​

In addition to murals, Jesse has been commissioned to paint original works of art. His passion to inspire a new generation led him to work for an impoverished school in Haiti. He travels to Haiti every year to teach students and bring hope through the murals he creates. The discipline and dedication required to work for himself has encouraged Jesse to expand beyond “creating to live” as contract artist and working more towards “living to create” as a fine artist.

As an artist, I create art because it is my means of reflecting on life experiences. I aim to translate those experiences into my art through every stroke of my paintbrush or meticulous details. I use art as a method of speaking on things that I’m passionate about and hope that I enable my viewers to see cultures from alternative perspectives. My art is a form of therapy for me; a place where I can bring to life my passion for music, culture and art. I hope that my art brings a positive refocus and enlightenment to its viewers.


I have always been interested in mediums, blending of styles, detail, patterns and color; which has led me to be a very versatile artist. From my earliest days of painting, I have been involved with many diverse projects, from working on canvas, wood and walls. An essential element to my creative process has been the use of these versatile mediums. I crave to create something new but familiar, with the aim of generating curiosity for viewers of all ages.  

I invite you to scroll through selections of my work in the above gallery.  I welcome your feedback.  Please contact me if you might be looking for my services! 

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